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BFSL’s Management Team
Summary of OPSG Report
Mr. Jayenanand Ramoo
Ag. General Manager
Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.
Master in Business Administration, University of Mauritius.
Joined BFSL on 16th November 2001.
Mr. Hans Jude Mungtah
Marketing Manager
Certified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing - CIM England.
Graduated from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Holder of a Degree in Marketing CIM England.
Chartered Marketer CIM England.
Joined BFSL on 16th November 2001.
Mr. Raj Patrou
Assistant Manager, Corporate & Regulatory Affairs
Certified Member of the Association Business Executive-ABE U.K
Graduated from the Association Business Executive.
Holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management U.K
Joined BFSL on 16th November 2001
Mr. Lutchmaya Saiboo
Senior Traffic Officer

Joined BFSL on 16th November 2001.
Board Members
Mr Gerard Sanspeur (Chairperson)
Mr Sohail Javed Suhootoorah, Lead Analyst, MOFED
Mrs Shamila Romola Sonah-Ori
Mrs Sarah Rawat Currimjee, Senor Adviser
Mr Mahen Sumputh
Ms Naila Hanoomanjee, CEO, Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd
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