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Freeport Zones
BFSL Freeport Zones
BFSL Freeport Zones
Freeport Zone 1
Freeport Zone 6 – Seaport based operations
Freeport Zone 9 - Airport based operations
As a Third Party Freeport Developer, we operate and manage three integrated and strategically located Freeport Zones in Mauritius. BFSL is the only developer to offer a Freeport Logistics platform at the Airport.
BFSL’s facilities at a glance
SEAPORT – Freeport Zone # 1 & 6: CAPACITY AIRPORT- Freeport Zone # 9: CAPACITY
Warehousing space 36,766.00m2 Warehousing/Processing areas 3,000.00m2
Container Park 4,000.00m2 Basic office facilities 1,000.00m2
Parking bays for imported motor vehicles 5,000.00m2    
Basic office facilities 1,000.00m2    
Total area in m2 46,776.00m2   4,000.00m2
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