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Summary of OPSG Report
Restructuring of the Business Parks of Mauritius Freeport Services Ltd (BFSL)
Summary of recommendations made by the Office of Public Sector Governance (OPSG)
In June 2014, the BPML Freeport Services Ltd (BFSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd,(now Landscope(Mauritius)Ltd) had  been identified as one of the Public Sector Organisations which may be restructured with a view to improve its service delivery and financial situation. In its report dated June 2014, the Office of Public Sector Governance (OPSG) made a series of recommendations for a more effective BFSL.

BPML Freeport Services Ltd (BFSL) is pleased to publish on its website the recommendations of the OPSG as tabulated below.
1. Termination of lease – Office space with BPML
It is recommended that BFSL vacates this office space at the earliest and operates in its office block located in Freeport Zone 1. This will result in an estimated annual cost savings to the tune of Rs 1,400,00.00
2. Attendance of Customs officer for local activity
It is advisable that the operational hours for bonded car yard be reviewed in line with MRA Customs to avoid payment of overtime to Customs Officers. This will result in a cost reduction of around 120,000.00 annually.
3. Diversification
In the current conditions of dynamic markets and strong competition ahead, BFSL cannot remain static with its present business model and adopt a do nothing strategy but should reinvent itself by developing new services to adapt to market trends and customer exigencies.

In its endeavour to enlarge its line of services and generate additional revenue apart from rental of warehouses, it is recommended that BFSL offer revenue-generated services such as: putaway, picking, preparation, and fulfilment of orders, packing, storage charges and palletisation. Transport and other logistic services requiring initial investment should be outsourced.
4. Long term strategy
The new SSR International Airport Terminal and the future Air Cargo and Freeport Zone will play a key role in enhancing the position of Mauritius as an international air cargo transshipment hub and ultimately attract freighters and courier service airlines in Mauritius to serve the region.

It is advisable for the BFSL to seize the airport investment opportunity as an organic growth strategy. This will circumvent the company from forgoing revenue in 2017 from its existing airport clients and take advantage from the potential opening offered by the new SSR International Airport Terminal and the future Air Cargo Hub.

Given the constant demand for lease of space by prospective clients at Mer Rouge, the construction of a new warehouse of capacity 2 000 sq m at Freeport Zone 6 will increase the revenue of BFSL and increase the level of activity in the zone.

Based on the three scenarios considered above, Scenario 3 is more appropriate for the BFSL as it will have a manageable liquidity level which will offer the company the leeway to operate smoothly without overdraft facilities.
5. New website for the BFSL
Corporate Image describes the manner in which an organization’s activities, products and services are perceived by outsiders. The design and operation of an effective Website is one among the many tools available to build a positive corporate image in the minds of the public. A website is a collection of Web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or several Web server(s), usually accessible via the Internet, cell phone or a Local Area Network. It provides background information on an organisation, its products and services. It is also a means of communication via Internet with the general public and other stakeholders.
BFSL should revamp its website as its E-Commerce strategy and to ensure more online presence. A new and a professional looking website will increase the visibility of the BFSL on the national and international market and confer the impression that the company is serious and dedicated to the needs of its clients. Thus, with the dynamic website presenting the diverse services of the company will fetch the following benefits:
  • Increase in larger clientele base of the BFSL
  • Increase customer confidence in the company
  • Cost effective promotion and marketing of its services
  • 24 hour global presence of the BFSL
  • Improve communication with customers
  • Keep the edge on competitors
  • Improve business to customer relationships.
6. Corporate Objective Statement
The Code of Corporate Governance for State owned Enterprises recommends that state enterprises should have a Corporate Objective Statement which is basically an annual performance agreement, with their parent ministry. BFSL should define its objectives for the coming years and reach an agreement with its Shareholding Company and Ministry on a yearly basis on its performance objectives. OPSG can assist in this respect.
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