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Freeport Zones
Freeport Zone 9 - Airport based operations
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Freeport Zone 6 – Seaport based operations
Freeport Zone 9 - Airport based operations
Situated within the precincts of SSR International Airport over an area of 10,000 m2, Freeport Zone #9 provides storage, processing and office facilities in a concrete building of 3,000 m2.

Individual cabins ranging from 7 to 330 m2 are offered for warehousing of low-volume high-value goods meant for export by air.
Business features:
  • 20 individual cabins equipped with electrical distribution boards, water supply, vinyl-tiled floor and steel partitions.
  • Common user facilities especially for customers handling small volume of goods and seasonal clients.
  • Storage area for highly valuable goods, known as the Strong Room.
  • Warehouse proximity of Air Mauritius Cargo.
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