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Freeport Zones
Freeport Zone 6 – Seaport based operations
BFSL Freeport Zones
Freeport Zone 1
Freeport Zone 6 – Seaport based operations
Freeport Zone 9 - Airport based operations
Strategically located in the heart of the port area next to the New Container Terminal, Freeport Zone #6 has been developed over a plot of land of 70 000m2, and comprises of four steel warehouses of a total capacity of 24,000m2, container storage areas and yard space for storage of imported vehicles.
Warehouses 1, 2 & 3
Three modern warehouses of 5 000m2 each complete with raised floor, continuous loading bay fitted with dock levelers and covered with a canopy.

The basic facilities include:
  • Electrical supply through individual distribution boards.
  • Steel partitions.
  • Office block of 600 m2 fully fitted out with electrical power, air conditioning, toilet facilities, voice and data communications, fire detection and fire fighting installations.
Warehouse 4
As part of BFSL’s growth and marketing strategy and to respond to the demand of our valued customers and prospective clients, BFSL has already completed construction of a dry steel warehouse of 9,000 m2 situated at Freeport Zone # 6. This brand new warehouse is already operational since November 2012 and is equipped with all necessary amenities and features as detailed hereunder;
  • 90m x 6m wide continuous loading bay.
  • Covered with canopy, 6m wide.
  • 14 mt high warehouse at apex.
  • 9 hydraulic dock levellers angled at 45°
  • Serviced by a marshalling yard and central road 8m wide.
  • Fitted with 400 m2 of office block.
Bonded Car yard
Developed over 5 000 m2 in Freeport Zone 6, our open bonded car yard facility is the largest in the Freeport with over 350 numbered parking bays for storage of imported motor vehicles offered to local motor vehicles importers under Customs bond.
Container yard
A container yard facility is available for outdoor storage of container and cross docking activities.
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